by Limbo (SWE)

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DeathTechMathCore Wow! Really glad I found these guys. What a solid album. If you're into Meshuggah or mathcore, you're going to love this. Very well done!
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bloodredhorizon So glad I stumbled across these guys! This is one of the best progressive metal/djent albums I've heard in a long time. Give this album a chance, you won't regret it. Favorite track: Unleashed.
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released July 15, 2018


all rights reserved



Limbo (SWE) Gothenburg, Sweden

Rhythm, rawness and finesse.


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Track Name: Unleashed
A shadow surrounding me as I fall and bleed to be nothing more than an inadequate being of withdrawal
My solitude is total
My despair is endless
The fury has been unleashed I am falling deeper, losing grip of reality
Of what is essential and what can’t be forgotten
I am bleeding, we're bleeding as one

A hole deep enough so we cannot see
We are blinded, blinded by the darkness, yet so bright
Yet so bright

The unleashed fury compels me to carry on
Rage is just not a part of me
No, it’s my everything
To be the one to bring my righteousness further
Rage is just not a part of me
It’s my everything
To be the one

I will never be the one, the one to flee, the one to never see, I will not ever be, never, in obscurity, never, no
I will not ever be the one to flee, the one to never see, I will not ever be blinded by darkness and detached from reality

The fury has been unleashed
I am falling deeper, losing grip of reality
Of what is essential, and what can't be forgotten
I am bleeding, we're bleeding as one
Track Name: Dreamer's Awakening
Drifting in weightlessness
Deprived of all perception of space and time
Surrounded by nothingness
Staring out into a blackness - too complex to define
Suddenly, in the corner of my eye, a silhouette of light swiftly flashes by
Dispelling the shroud of apathy clouding my mentality
As an old feeling of curiosity grows inside of me, I try to turn my head to clearly perceive what is lurking in my ocular periphery
But the feeling quickly changes as I realise my limbs are frozen, my body paralysed, at an involuntary state that I cannot defy

Affectionately the light caresses my skin, unleashing an unnerving feeling from within

Drifting in weightlessness
Deprived of all perception of space and time
Surrounded by nothingness
But the silhouette, drawing itself closer from behind
Anxiously, through the corner of my eye I see the silhouette devouring my body

Awakening me from this dream of ambiguity
Track Name: Transcendental
Awakened, with a clear mind and with clarity
Particles of infinitesimal size surrounding me
Elegantly illuminating the everlasting obscurity

Coalescing into immeasurable clusters
Photonic particles fuse and form matter and energy, violently, and of exponential proportions
Witnessing the spectacular creation of space and time
Before me lies the universe defined
Leaving the era of nothingness behind

The beginning of everything displays itself before my eyes

Dissonance inciting scientific laws to activate
Matter set in motion as the atoms correlate
Merging into clouds of gas, bursting with heat and radiation
Birthing stars, some remaining, others exploding
Scattering fundamental building blocks out throughout the cosmic ocean
Gravitating together to form planetary creations
Seeking understanding of its complexity
How will I ever comprehend its enigmatic intricacy?
Human, use your cognitive capabilities and a world of possibilities will unfold
But I exceed your understanding, an infinite mystery - forever unsolved
For I am rational as I am irrational
Capable of creating, as well as causing it all to fall
I transcend above all

I am above all

Awakened, with a clear mind and with clarity
I will not grant you any guidance but the guidance you perceive
Choose wisely amid the labyrinth of endless possibilities
Track Name: Amid the Labyrinth
Walking alongside foreign walls
Scraping the surface with my fingertips
Unrecognizable paths behind and ahead, forever shifting
Lost among mesmerizing corridors, all I hear is whispering
Breathing the air of an unknown world, warming, yet shivering
Not imaginary, that I know
Amid a structure the universe has bestowed

Doorways begin to appear in the walls as I walk
Presenting me different choices through alternative paths
Doors ajar, what they hide I glimpse
Making my way, amid the labyrinth

Upon distinguishing one after another I begin to feel uneasy
Through the cracks my reflections eerily stare back at me
Stalking me, they are peculiar and anxiously familiar
Now I realise, within these walls I tread upon paths of desires and temptations
One could lead to a fruitful destination
The other sentence me to damnation

In the midst of a perplexing landscape
I stand before vital choices I am obliged to make
How can I even begin to formulate
The weight of these decision - and what is at stake

The course of humanity is mine to decide
A reality I find implausible and cast aside
For I am greedy and easily enticed
Into pathways of wrongful desires

With a gnawing eager I enter my chose path
As I succumb to my temptations at last
Track Name: Occam's Razor
Leaving a world of eternal unknowing and entering one of alleged all-knowing
The atmosphere is tense and taunting
With eyes everywhere always watching
Do not stray too far from the norm
In this world of the most despicable form

A world built on greed and intuition
On a steady course towards oblivion

Believing our minds are satisfied
That the purpose of our lives has reached its high
Relying blindly on a deity, whose words we dare not defy
Through his scriptures we find our laws that we generously apply
And must we never ask the forbidden question; why?

Cutting away our reasoning, deemed as corrupted flesh
Voluntarily lacking the ability to progress
Without questioning, submitting ourselves to a world of regress

Do not stray too far from the norm
In this world of the most despicable form

I am the culprit for this human condition
Through my careless decisions
Vainly trying to convince beings of inactivity
To explore what could lie beyond our vicinity
But I am outnumbered, despite my attempts
As species, I refuse to be recognised as insignificant
Track Name: Oxymoron
Stare into the eyes of the deceiver
Of mendacity - the contriver
Seemingly innocent, harmless and benevolent
Claiming to be trustworthy to a profound extent
Truthfully the sole incarnation of malevolence
Inauthentic, a contradiction personified

Look into the eyes of those you love, even they may not be like you suppose

Dishonest, just like those you despise and oppose

Look into the eyes of those around you, they are not what you suppose

Dishonest, with only hostility left to show

We have devolved

Intellectual discipline left out
Our own gain considered paramount
Ignoring what we will reap through what we sow, for we have devolved
Our reasoning - illogical, we are retrograde, hollow and superficial
Whitewashing belligerence with claiming it to impede everything we despise
Mocking the reality, for we depict the foremost role in their violent progressions

Inauthentic, a contradiction personified
Stare into the eyes of your neighbor
And at the reflecting image of a deceiver
Of all mendacity - the contriver
We have all become alike
Smearing our image with false benevolence
To hide our true nature of malevolence
We are unworthy of our existence
Track Name: Cognitive Dissonance
Systems corrupted, a world in terror
Failure embedded, condemned by Cognitive Dissonance
A mindset of destruction, never to proceed

Corporate greed, poisoning the minds of the credulous, never to exceed any higher than the instance of a listless mind
A part of a new breed (x2)

Systems dreaded, darkness deeply embedded
Suffering deprivation
Bereft of all hope
All hope of salvation…
...from annihilation

Left behind, all on our own, inapprehensive of surroundings
A world on the edge, ruled by apathetical reigns
Left behind, all on our own
Inapprehensive of surroundings
A world on the edge Ruled by apathetical reigns exceeding all terrors created by man

The end is near
Alas, too late have you realised
Into the darkness you have been mesmerised
Look the other way, witness your last hopes fade away
For I will engulf you no matter what

Systems corrupted, a world in terror
Failure embedded, condemned to
Cognitive Dissonance
A mind-set of destruction, never to exceed

Let yourself sway
In the void I’ll forever be by your side
Breathe me in, let me consume you from the inside

Awaken our extinction
Track Name: With Eyes Wide Shut
Cutting deep are the thorns of hypocrisy and deception
Stemming from an elite of translucence, the blossom of manipulation

Emotionlessly they spread their seeds like a foul disease
But every prime withers and is uprooted at last

A new dawn brings no solutions
Close your eyes, there’s no denial
The truths and lies will yield for the unknown
The darkness will come and then we are gone

We'll be gone

Whether weak or strong, we’ll be gone
Every reign has its fall
A common enemy will always prevail

Emotionlessly they spread their seeds like a foul disease
But every prime wilts and withers and is uprooted at last
Uprooted at last

Embrace the end with open arms and eyes wide shut
With eyes wide shut
Track Name: The Consequence
Behold a unique celestial body with an excellent design and configuration
The home to rich and thriving constellations, upon a peaceful earth, prosperous and free from alterations

Words once portraying its condition, now irrevocably relating to fiction
Barren and smothered by a certain virulent population
Long gone by their actions of destruction
The violent makings of a mind in disintegration

Quietly it will venture into the night to be swallowed by the universe and all its might
Track Name: The Inevitable Path to Disintegration
Memorising the shifting sky, once it was blue, now it’s turning black
Along with everything that has been accomplished, now has the time come when it will all diminish

The enigma and its equations will forever be unsolved
The truths of the cosmic ocean will forever remain untold
All will soon be forgotten, like my memories

With just one whisper, inevitably disintegrating
Drifting away towards a paradoxical destination
Dismantling the structures of everything known
Disentwine and fragment
The path this event will follow is clearly drawn

All will soon be over, all will soon be gone
As I tread upon the inevitable path to disintegration
Struck by an overwhelming noise as the skies shatter
Your vision distorts and becomes incoherent as the shards are scattered
Disrupting the fundamental patterns forming everything with one whisper

Memorise the shifted sky, once blue
At the end of the world where the last one standing is you
Drifting away, inevitably slipping away
Towards a paradoxical destination
To be cast into limbo and swiftly disappear
Never to reappear

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